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About Angel

New bike 300x300Angel is the designated “muse” of the pair. She comes up with buckets of crazy ideas about all the places she wants to visit (or revisit), then constantly runs around rearranging their travel plans for the ten years or so. Most of those plans involve doing something outdoors, be it hiking, biking, skiing or scuba diving. Her coordination is somewhat questionable – and she has yet to figure out how to avoid walking into solid objects – but her stubbornness is usually enough to get her by.

She’s not a fan of insects or humidity so her favourite types of places include deserts, glaciers, lakes or oceans, and mountains tall enough to be rocky and snowy. While she may still make the occasional trip to the Amazons or a tropical beach, she’s incredibly happy to have found a travel companion who shares her taste for cold and remote areas. As far as cities go, she’s more likely to haunt the restaurants than the shopping malls or museums, and she can go quite starry-eyed at the thought of novel, technology-enabled hotels. Since staying in such hotels all the time is neither feasible nor affordable, she alternates quite happily between tents and hotel suites.

As a Hong Kong-born Australian with a degree in IT, Angel speaks English, Cantonese, a semi-comprehensible version of Mandarin, and all sorts of (computer) code. That means she handles their finance spreadsheets, blog posts and web administration quite cheerfully but prefers to leave the more geographical and photographic aspects of both travelling and blogging to Bruno. She also has a conversational level of Japanese and Spanish from her time spent living abroad, but the job of translator usually falls to Bruno (again) because he speaks half a dozen more languages than she does. Is she lucky? She certainly thinks so.