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About Bruno

CaptureBruno is the photographer, the navigator, the translator and the one tasked with remaining strong and healthy whenever Angel falls over or gets food poisoning (which happens as often as not).

He is happy to be part of whatever crazy schemes she dreams up – not least because they usually involve activities and places he would enjoy – and he spends a great deal of time chronicling their adventures through the lenses of his Canon 5D Mark II. His carry-on baggage limit is dedicated towards his rather heavy camera gear and his checked baggage quota is typically commandeered by his packrat of a travel companion. Luckily, he loves the cold and needs very little space for clothing.

Born in Chile and having lived in Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, Bruno enjoys travelling the world and experiencing all its natural and gastronomical wonders. In his spare time, he hangs out with language exchange partners, practices martial arts, plays various musical instruments and researches ways of getting from point “A” to point “B” in Angel’s ever-changing itineraries. A perpetual student both in his personal life and career, he finds their travels to be perfect for “living the dream”.