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About Futatabi

DSC_0421About our blog
A long time ago (or so it seems), the two of us were exchange students based in Tokyo. We decided to go hiking together one day and enjoyed ourselves so much that we went on another trip, then another, then a few more after that. The trips grew longer. The destinations became more diverse. Before long, it only seemed natural to explore the rest of the world together – not just once, but time after time.

That is the essense of futatabi, which translates roughly to the concept of “again”. A more lyrical translation is “reprise”, which happens to be the official translation of an orchestral score from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. That was where we drew our inspiration for this blog.

To us, the uplifting beauty of that piece of music is evocative of how it feels to arrive at new places when we travel. There is a sense of personal triumph eclipsed by an even greater feeling of awe at the glorious, wondrous majesty of mother nature, and that heady combination is what keeps us going back for more.

As to why there are posts in both English and Spanish, this multilingual mix is how we communicate with each other. We usually also throw in bits and pieces from languages of all the other countries we have lived in or travelled to, so it only seems right that our blog would reflect this.

About our travels
For the two of us, a trip begins not when we board our flights but when an idea first sneaks up upon us. We enjoy the months (and sometimes years) of brainstorming, packing and gear-hunting as much as we do the travelling itself, because there is something incredibly special about building a dream together.

We share the initial excitement of planning, and we share the dreaded chaos of unpacking. We laugh together. We stress together. We work together through all the illnesses and injuries so we will both be able to do everything we have ever dreamt of doing. And when things fall apart, we go back to the drawing board together and decide how we will move forward.

Those shared experiences draw us closer with every trip, and this blog serves as a chronicle of our journey.

About us
After spending several years living in separate countries – firstly as friends, then later as designated travel partners – we decided to try settling in the same city for a while. We are now happily based in Queensland, Australia, and got married in┬áJuly 2014.

Feel free to visit our bios (Angel and Bruno) or take a look at our trips over the years.